How to Handle Layoffs – Small Business Show 389 – Business Brain


This is the second show in our series about hiring right and handling layoffs. Our Business Brain tells us that our employees are the most important asset we have, so we always suggest doing everything you can to avoid layoffs.

However, sometimes layoffs can’t be avoided if you want to make it through a downturn or you have to restructure your business based on other factors. Let’s take a deep dive into the best way to handle this unpleasant aspect of owning a business.

  • Intro topic idea: Buy Refurbished Tech for Your Business!
  • 00:00:00 Small Business Show #389 for Wednesday, July 20, 2022
  • 00:01:44 Ripple Effects of Lockdowns
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  • 00:12:31 How To Handle Layoffs
    • Have Bambee Help You!
    • Have two people involved when you’re laying someone off
    • Record it on Zoom
    • Complete the paperwork ahead of time
    • Change Passwords
    • Watch Moneyball!
    • Have a checklist/roadmap
    • “The Decision Has Already Been Made.”
    • Buy then a LinkedIn Pro Subscription
    • Would you re-hire them?
  • 00:34:31 Talking with the team that’s left
  • 00:39:51 SBS 389 Wrap-up


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