Some people are just so poor, so poor, so absolutely poor that all they have is money.  And as I say, if you want to know how rich you are, then count all all those things you have that money cannot buy.  

Whenever we look at a beautiful tree, one of the most essential parts of the tree is its roots. And when we talk about the roots, a healthy tree has healthy roots. The deeper the roots, the stronger the roots. The trees stand strong in storms, cyclones, hurricanes and tornadoes. 

And the roots are not seen to our eyes, ladies and gentlemen, those roots are compared to our spirituality. Our achievements are seen to people. Our gadgets are seen to people. Our money is seen to people. Our accolades are seen to people. Our charisma is seen to people. 

Our success is seen to people. What’s not seen to the eyes of the people is our roots, our spiritual development. And therefore, I always say, if we do not work on what is unseen, it’s very difficult to sustain what is seen. 

One of my friends in Mumbai, he purchased a very slick Lamborghini. He’s a welldigat, he purchased a very slick poshello Lamborghini. He’s a Buddharati. So he called me from the Sharu and he said to me, Samuel,  

I said to him, by dunya paglia?  He said, no. In Gujarati, pagla means will you kindly touch your feet to my car  office? Which basically meant, will you bless my car? I said to him, by lamborghini,  

I said, please come along. The gentleman drove to where I lived and he said to me, well, we’ll go for about a 15 minutes drive as a fair. Let’s go. We started off as we were driving. I was in the passenger seat, the guy in the driver’s seat. The 15 minutes drive had turned into 25, 35 rather. At the end of 35 minutes, I said to him, look, I need to get back because I need to attend a meeting. 

Can you drive back? What this man did shocked me to the core. Probably will shock you to the core. This man started crying like a baby. I asked him to park the car near the sidewalk. I said to him, what happened? The great difficulty, he spoke and he said, just three days back, my wife has filed papers for divorce. I love her. 

My children love her. She’s one of the best mothers that one can ever have. And we don’t want to miss her. We tried everything possible. It just doesn’t work. Of course, I tried to console him, pacify him. And then I was thinking to myself, the world sees his Lamborghini, the  world sees his success, the world sees his bank balance, the world sees his popularity.

 The world sees all of these things. And I sit with the who’s who in the country. And when they confirmed with me, I see what’s happening inside. Ladies and gentlemen. Yes, the trunk of the tree is visible to our eyes, ladies and gentlemen. 

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