Kangana Ranaut Inspiring speech – Part 1 – Learn English 2022

The one who can make you, can break you.  I grew up in Manali in a small village. And I just feel that my story is a bit overrated. Because I honestly it’s not that I didn’t want easier your life. It’s not that I don’t want sugar daddies or I want to do like item numbers. 

But I’m not fit for that. Honestly. I carry this huge what people call me. I think Rajeep gave me a name, a huge ego or something, which I personally think is self espect. But I think I’m not fit for all of that. So that’s how I am. And if you think from others perspective, I am an unusual person.

 It’s not that I made a plan that okay, I have to go about making creating an unusual story and it has to be the greatest one. No, I don’t think I’m extraordinary in any aspect. I come from a village, a very small town. And I came to Mumbai thinking that okay, 

I should try my luck like everyone else’s. And I did try my luck in one of those tracious films thinking that maybe people would be interesting.  If I.  Do things how everybody is doing. But it just didn’t work for me.  

I think I was quite confident of myself and I had a mind of my own. I liked the fact that my father 

had a lot of expectations from my brother. And I probably wanted to be that person who he could 

be proud of and who could be her own heroes. My parents gave me an easy option that if you are going 

to go your way so there’s the highway and you can probably expect no funds and no support. I think 

I left.  

I just refused to go to school.  And I’m like, I can’t do science, I don’t want to be a doctor. And he’s like, then what would you be? And I’m like, I don’t know. So he’s like, don’t you think you should?  I said, give me a year and.  

I would find out. And he’s like, I have no money to spend on these sort of hobbies of yours. And I’m like, sounds fair. I was nothing like I am today. I couldn’t speak a word of English. And if you don’t speak English, how do you expect to work in Hindi films? And like I said, my parents saw me as someone else. 

They saw me as someone who was a liability. But that didn’t change my understanding of my abilities and myself. And when I came to Mumbai, they saw me as this village woman who had a weird accent and weirder appearance, I guess. But I didn’t see myself like that. I thought of myself a lot more than just I am a lot more than my appearance or my age or my color or my hair. 

And that is how I saw myself. I had an option.  Either I could have stayed in that comfortable life that my parents gave me, or the mentor turned into a mentor that he was offering me was also very comfortable. But I chose I made that choice because I always chose my own freedom over a golden cage. No matter in what form it comes.

 It doesn’t have to be an obvious villain. It can come in any form. So I always chose open sky, even if it comes by sleeping on the pavements, or it comes by living in sleeping food. Less than nights.  You don’t have food.  

Of course. No Kana, no food. And those were the nights when I used to escape from my own house because of the person who had the duplicate key for my house. And I used to jump out of the window in what you call this place Yari Road. I had an apartment, and on the first floor, I’d taken it on the first floor so I could jump off the windows.


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