Kangana Ranaut Inspiring speech – Part 2 – Learn English 2022

So, yeah, so I decided to get into a hotel, but I couldn’t check into anything because he would be there before me, assuming where I would go. So I would sleep on pavements. And I remember once I was in this Jew area and outside Shatragonsina’s house, 

and the watchman is like, isn’t that girl in that film with curly hair? And I’m like, oh, my God, I’m homeless, and people are now recognizing me.  

So what do I do?  

Like, Hi, do you need an offroad out?  But can I have some food?  It was getting a bit difficult. Then I went to cops, and they took care of everything. But that was the part. But it’s not that I did not have an option. If I come to the pressure that I think many women come to, I have a simple philosophy. Number one, a. The one who can make you can break you. 

Okay? So the one who will make you, it will be an exchange, it will be a deal, a barter of some kind. So you will always be a puppet on strings. So, I mean, what’s the point of having a journey? What’s the point of leaving your father’s house in the first place? If you want to be a puppet and be a puppet in your father’s or husband’s hands?

 Because these people are going to maybe sort of use you or get fed up of you in a year or two, and then there will be another story. And then where do you see yourself? So it’s a superficial success that you get by coming to other expectations from you.  

It’s very superficial.  It looks very charming. It’s an easy way. It looks very easy, but then it’s not true success. And I did not have this clarity, but what had was this desire to just break free. I’m like, you 

cannot keep me in these four walls.  

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