Motivational Talk for UPSC IAS Aspirants – Jameel Fatima Zeba, episode 2

So have faith in yourself, no matter where you come from. I was one of those people who choose to stay in Hyderabad for graduation as well. And I was very scared when I look at people from it and bits and these remains too with cracking the exam. I honestly had my own set of questions. 

And it’s very normal for you to have the same questions. Okay? It’s very normal for you to feel insecure due to the kind of background that you have. But never look at it as your liability. 

Never look at it as something that is going to stop you from achieving your dreams. It’s people like you and me, it’s people like us who work hard and achieve our dreams.

 And if all these years there are 900 people who clear the exam in spite of all every odd, this year too, there are 990 candidates who have cleared the exam the next year as well. All of you will have equal chance at this exam. And go and give your best. 

Have faith in yourself. And whenever you feel low, just remember one of my favorite share that again, I would like to share.  

Which means the heart has not failed. It has only been disappointed. Okay?  So there’s always a new dawn that is waiting for you. A new beginning that is waiting for you. And if we could start over after our failures, if we could clear in a first attempt like all of us sitting here on the stage, then I’m pretty sure all of you can. So give it your best.

 All the best. And once again, I would like to thank sir for giving me this opportunity and vision is for being so kind to us even during the process of our preparation. And may helping us be where we are today. Thank you.  

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