Yes, the crown of the tree is visible to our eyes. But the roots of the tree, which are underneath the soil, which are invisible to our eyes is our inner development, our spiritual development. And unless you make that spiritual development and our spiritual growth strong, the storms, the hurricanes, the cyclones of life do get over to us and bog us down, pull us down on life. Therefore, I say some people are just so poor, so poor, so absolutely poor that all they have is money.  

And as I say, if you want to know how rich you are, then count all those things you have that money cannot buy. I’m not saying money is bad. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have money. I’m just saying that we can’t connect that as the be all and the end all of life. If you have ever been on a flight, the members of the cabin crew will come there and say, ladies and gentlemen, this is a seat belt. 

I know this. You have buckle it. I know, I know. Some pilots are sitting here. I must apologize if there be a lack of oxygen supply in the cabin. Oxygen masks will drop from the cabin above your head. Secure your mask properly and breathe normally. 

Make sure your oxygen mask is secured properly before you help others. God, I thought this is the height of selfishness. But if you don’t keep yourself in place, you can’t help others. If you don’t have resources, you can’t share your resources. If you don’t feel love, you can’t share love. 

If you don’t feel hope, you can’t give hope. If you don’t feel uplifted, you can’t uplift others. Therefore, be selfish. First, care for your roots.  

Care for your drunk. Because only when your roots and trunk are in place and the crown can give others how many of you look to like to look beautiful? Any of you like to look handsome? Our late president, Sri Abdul Kalamji said a very nice thing which left a deep mark on me.

 He said, if you really want to look handsome, give your hand to some and you will automatically look handsome. Because handsomeness is not about beauty and looks. It’s about how we contribute to people. I conclude by saying, if you’re beautiful, it’s God’s gift to you. If you live your life beautiful, 

it’s your gift to God.  

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